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A Universal Way to Automate Your Software Testing

TESTHARNESS is a universal test automation platform, which provides a uniformed way to automate your software testing, including functional, integration, system, and performance testing. The product agnostic automation process breaks the test development into test logic, product functionality, and communication layers, promotes greater code reuse, makes test code easier to understand and more robust.

TESTHARNESS extensions provide ready-to-use libraries, which facilitates test development of popular product categories, such as Web Service, Mobile App, and Web UI. Results-oriented test case management replaces test case documentation with test execution history and reporting.

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  • Test Automation Consulting

    We help you improve ROI on QA, and guard the product quality by defining the process to automate your test cases, improve test automation coverage.

  • Test Automation Tools and Training

    We provide test automation tool set, and train your test engineers to start automation quickly and effectively.

    Independent training programs are also provided.

  • Open Source Community Support

    TESTHARNESS is a collection of open source projects, which are developed in Java and hosted on GitHub. We are actively working on it to address new feature requests, while it is stable and ready to be deployed.

Automate Testing of Different Products with the Same Approach

Web Service

Based on Apache HttpComponents, extension thx-webservices provides ready to use library for testing REST and SOAP based web services.

iOS/Android UI

Based on Apple UI Automation and Google UI Automator, extensions thx-ios and thx-android provide Java libraries to unify mobile UI test automation development.

Web UI

Based on OpenQA Selenium, extension thx-webui simplifies test automation development, and executes Selenium IDE tests the same way as running web driver tests.

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